Labeled Partitions with Colored Permutations

William Y.C. Chen, Henry Y. Gao and Jia He

  Abstract:  In this paper, we extend the notion of labeled partitions with ordinary permutations to colored permutations in the sense that the colors are endowed with a cyclic structure. We use labeled partitions with colored permutations to derive the generating function of the fmajk indices of colored permutations. The second result is a combinatorial treatment of a relation on the q-derangement numbers with respect to colored permutations which leads to the formula of Chow for signed permutations and the formula of Faliharimalala and Zeng [10] on colored permutations. The third result is an involution on permutations that implies the generating function formula for the signed q-counting of the major indices due to Gessel and Simon. This involution can be extended to signed permutations. In this way, we obtain a combinatorial interpretation of a formula of Adin, Gessel and Roichman.

  AMS Classification:  05A30, 05A19, 05A15

  Keywords:  labeled partition, flag major index, colored permutation, q-derangement number

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